25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

Every year in happy marriage is an achievement. Anniversaries are times to celebrate love, and a shared past and future. If you know a couple who’ve been together for a quarter of a century, or if you’ve spent 25 years with your special someone, celebrate by buying gifts that a long-married, deserving man or woman can treasure for their life.

silver wedding anniversary gift necklace

The perfect wedding anniversary gift for a wife, our silver necklaces can be engraved with her initial, or with yours. A personal message can also be included on the silver box in which the necklace is stored. Add something unique, or a quote about long-lasting love. Here are three to offer inspiration:

  • At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.
  • Love is friendship set to music.
  • True love only gets stronger with time.

silver personalised photo album

After 25 years, a couple have plenty of shared memories, and likely almost as many photographs. If you know a couple with more pictures than space, our engraved silver photo album will give them somewhere to keep their precious printed memories. It has space for a hundred standard size photographs, and room for up to 70 characters of personalised text at the top and bottom of the cover.

swarovski crystal wine glasses

A silver anniversary is a cause for celebration. Many couples choose to get the whole family together for a party, and after a long evening of playing host they’ll probably want to finish their evening with a glass of wine and their favourite movie. Our Swarovski crystal wine glass set can be given on the day of the 25th anniversary, and includes two beautiful and elegant glasses that are great for red, white or rose wine and can be individually personalised – because twenty five shared years don’t cause a man and woman to become the same in every way!

Are you the couple celebrating, and hosting a 25th anniversary party to get friends and family together? As the final touch to the perfect silver wedding anniversary, buy our personalised miniature chocolates to give out to the people who share your special day. Each chocolate weights 9.5g, and you can buy a minimum of 36 – remember, it’s hard to stop at one!

Finally, a few silver wedding anniversary facts…

  • Traditionally, a husband would give his wife a silver garland when he’d been married to her for 25 years. Usually, she’d wear it as a crown.
  • Silver is said to symbolise harmony.
  • The silver wedding anniversary has been celebrated for hundred years, as has the gold anniversary. These were the only two celebrated until 1875, when people began celebrating their 5th anniversary giving gifts of wood.
  • Enjoy an Indian meal to celebrate your silver anniversary. Vark is silver, and is put on Indian food, including sweets.

Looking for more silver wedding anniversary presents? We’ve got a great choice, from vases to trinket boxes. You can buy our silver wedding anniversary gifts online for fast delivery, and we offer free gift delivery on orders over £30!

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