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It’s an occasion that happens every year in the office or workplace, but you’re never any more prepared for it. The annual Secret Santa is announced, and you’re given the name of a fellow employee. You scan the room trying to put a name to a face, but you eventually realise that even when you work out who you’re buying for, you won’t know much about their personality. Secret Santa schemes are a great way to avoid workplace favouritism, and they ensure that nobody ends up left out, but they can make things incredibly complicated at the same time. When you’re told to buy for someone you can’t quite remember, rely on our personalised and engraved gifts for under £15. Thank goodness for Secret Santa gifts that won’t cost the earth, but will make it look like you’ve really put in some thought.

Secret Santa gifts for men and women can be found right here, including engraved and personalised glasses sure to be appreciated by anyone. We’ve got traditional engraved pint glasses for under £15, and if you don’t know much about the recipient you can get away with just including their name. For a woman you might prefer a personalised wine glass, and whichever glass you choose you’ll be able to select a font from a small variety to find one that’s sure to look great.

If you’re fortunate enough to have selected or been given someone you know well, you’ll have a great choice of presents including any of our cheap personalised photo frames that can be filled with a picture of your friendship group, or of someone they know and cherish. We’ve got a great variety of photo frames for under £20, and they can be given empty if you’re buying for someone you don’t often spend time with.

Secret Santa gifts for her can include beautiful, engraved compact mirrors that make a practical present for a colleague or fellow group member, whereas a great gift for a smoker could be an engraved silver lighter, a Secret Santa present for under £10. We’ve even got great Secret Santa gifts for children, in case your son or daughter’s school is running a similar scheme. Cheap Christmas presents for kids include our personalised pencil crayon set, and our wonderful personalised stuffed toys including teddy bears ideal for children in nursery or primary school.

In times when we have to tighten our purse springs, a Secret Santa scheme can even be organised amongst friends or family. Rather than buying gifts for each person you know, you’ll save money by buying for just one. Our gifts for Secret Santa don’t cost a fortune, but they enable you to buy a present within your budget to be given to just one person.

If you’re buying a gift for a more expensive Secret Santa, with a £20 limit per person, try a personalised jar of sweets that’s well within your price range, or go for one of a variety of personalised chocolate bars costing as little as 89p if you’re looking for cheap Secret Santa presents that you know anyone will love. It’s often difficult to find presents for people you don’t know too well, but we’ve got great Secret Santa gifts for every budget, and for every type of person.

We offer a wide variety of presents to wrap anonymously, and we’ll even be happy to wrap your gift before we deliver it. If you’re not great at the skill of wrapping yourself, we’ll help to keep your identity secret for a little while longer, and if you’ve spent too long trying to work out what to buy you can take advantage of our next-day delivery service. When the time comes to throw those presents into a pile, know that yours is one that’s sure to be appreciated even if you’re buying for a stranger.

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